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Ambient Reads
Ambient Reads

Two different no-knock raids uncover what it takes for officers to be charged.

Daniel Lobo via Flickr

An ominous warning and fabrications

The conservative-sphere of Twitter is crying foul of Joe Biden’s halt on Trump’s policies but it’s yet another conspiracy that’s based on false information.

Why the rule was implemented in the first place

A Black male accused of raping a White woman faced a White judge and all White jury

Photo by: Sara Shepherd/Journal-World File Photo

The Predator (2018) was the worst movie in the franchise’s then 31-year run. The next installment doesn’t have to be terrible. Here’s how.

Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky are going through state legislation to pass racist and anti-LGBTQ+ bills which is just par for the course given the states’ histories.

Taunting police could become a crime Kentucky

Court losses haven’t deterred conservatives from pursuing even a sliver of voting irregularities.

Resident Evil 4 is often regarded as one of the best games of the 6th generation of consoles. Many gamers still consider it to be one of the greatest games of all time. A remake could run into problems

The Texas lawyer and realtor replied to a Tweet which was a GIF of Oprah Winfrey pointing to several people which plays on her infamous car giveaway to her audience. The overlaid text was switched to, “You goin’ to jail. You goin’ to jail. Everybody Goin’ to jail.”

When “Bring It On” was released in 2000, it seemed like it was going to be another cliché teen movie, but its social commentary on the exploitation of Black culture for White people’s entertainment and personal gain was a surprise and it’s still relevant today.

‘Bring It On’ told a surprisingly deeper story about Black creators being ripped off

$1 billion dollars in student loans just got cancelled, or so, that’s what Joe Biden has led borrowers to believe.

It’s a head-scratching move that can only be described as superfluous.

Ambient Reads

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