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Bigotry Makes A Comeback Through Legislation

Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky are going through state legislation to pass racist and anti-LGBTQ+ bills which is just par for the course given the states’ histories.

Taunting police could become a crime Kentucky

Although Kentucky never officially joined Florida and Tennessee in secession — there was a shadow government (who never overthrew the actual government) and others who sympathized with the Confederacy. And Kentucky overall had no shortage of bigotry and hatred; they were in the top 10 states when it came to lynching Black people.

Florida wants to protect children from trans athletes by resorting to pedophilia

In an attempt to prevent trans girls from playing in sports with girls who are biologically born a girl — Republicans in Florida passed a bill in which they claimed would protect the sanctity of female sports by preventing transgender athletes from participating.


Last year, Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill which required transgender students to compete in school sports according to their sex at birth.

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