Both Sides

You’ve probably been helping advance the position of one side.

Anthony Chin
4 min readOct 25, 2021


Former president Donald Trump was objectively bad for the country.

142 historians, professors, and other professional observers of the presidency created a new ranking for all former U.S. president’s in a 2021 C-Span survey to include Trump.

He ranked as the worst in “moral authority” and “administrative skills”. Overall, he placed 43rd just above Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, and James Buchanan.

Everyone has an agenda, and that applies to both liberal and conservative politicians and media. Even well-intentioned third-parties have an agenda.

For a lot of people, voting for Joe Biden was a last ditch effort to get Trump out of office due to his impeachment’s, reckless behavior, and the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. People hate the lesser of the two evils saying, but you have to play politics by human nature which is familiarity. A third-party candidate cannot win in today’s world since it’s embedded in our society that all of our choices and outcomes are binary. In the case of nearly all of our elections ; that means republicans v liberals.

It’s actually fair to say both sides are an issue in America but for completely different reasons.

Republicans get you to turn a blind eye to real world facts

Republicans have long been an issue for politics due to the theatrics they’ve committed themselves which includes misinformation, propaganda, and conspiracies.

They get you to chase loosely connecting threads or outright lies and that anyone who suggests otherwise is against them.

And aside from Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a prominent figure in promoting conspiracies while she herself is actually help making the case that the Capitol riot was planned.

In recent video footage posted on Twitter, Marjorie Taylor Greene is filmed at the White House declaring she just got done planning for the, “January 6th objection,” in December last year.

Republicans like her, Donald Trump, and many more are allowed to get away with their hypocrisy largely because people assume liberals are doing it too.

But it’s an incredibly stupid declaration because of how vague it is.

The government has done many shady things in the past and will continue to do so, but you nor I have the power or credentials to actually look into what they’re doing. But whistleblowers, such as Edward Snowden who risked his life and freedom to tell the people what the government is up to, are actually putting in the work.

Having someone gaslight you and then controlling the narrative with the facts right in front of you is what you should be focused on.

A good example is COVID-19 vaccines. You can’t trust the government to not take it, so why should you trust a politician who’s telling you not to take it? It’s an oxymoron, but it’s aligned with your beliefs so you grasp at it.

They have an agenda which is to hook you in for a vote or donation.

The science of the vaccine is staring at you but you have frustrations with virology and biology because it’s above your education. That is the real disconnect. That’s not an insult and you might have legitimate reasons for not taking the vaccine but you can actually control the narrative if you’re paying attention and willing to comprehend what the vaccine for what it is. Connecting it to some liberal conspiracy makes as much sense as connecting chem trails to weather control. There’s an actual science behind it, but it has nothing to do with chem trails.

I’m not advocating for whether you should or shouldn’t take it, but understand that even when you have the facts in front of you — a lie is a lot more comforting.

A conspiracy — which was revealed by actual investigators with actual proof — was true at some point in history doesn’t mean you can declare everything a conspiracy. It’s a loose thread or connection of ideas which a few facts could be sprinkled in, but it is purely to provoke thought about the subject and/or to create entertainment. It doesn’t mean it’s true this time around, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the person telling you the conspiracy got your best interests at heart. In fact, they’re more liable to take advantage of your disbelief in the truth in an effort to satiate your desire for a conspiracy.

If you want to state both sides are the problem; lay out your key issues that they’re failing on or what the actual corruption is.

Otherwise, it just strengthens republicans who get to wiggle out of any situations they should otherwise be held accountable in. There’s no opposite reaction for all the grift that’s been going on for decades.



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