Ambient Reads
Ambient Reads was created by Anthony Chin - a writer, music artist, political commentator, and amateur sports bettor from South Florida.


  • Maurice Carlisle

    Maurice Carlisle

    Just a native black writing whatever comes to mind

  • Anthony Pretlow

    Anthony Pretlow

    Avid reader. Seeker. Artist. Baseball enthusiast. Devoted father of five. Sound money advocate. Happily married/ retired. Being right is overrated.

  • Glen Hendrix

    Glen Hendrix

    Artist, writer, poet, inventor, entrepreneur

  • W. Green

    W. Green

    Curious about most things. Neurodiversity, LGBTIA+ & disability advocate. HR consultant committed to common-sense solutions to people puzzles.

  • srikanth ravula

    srikanth ravula

  • Kelsey Mayo

    Kelsey Mayo

  • elitza popova

    elitza popova

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