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Goya’s Revenge On AOC Turns Out To Be A Mild Affair

During a podcast this past Monday, Goya CEO, Robert Unanue, boasted about a 1,000% boost in sales and making Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “employee of the month” as a result. The New York 14th congressional representative called him out earlier this year over his praise of President Trump.

AOC Gets Owned

A Much More Simpler Explanation Of The Sales Increase

“As the coronavirus pandemic upends daily life across the United States, Americans are filling their pantries with long-lasting essentials — pasta, rice, canned meat, even oat milk.

But amid all the panic shopping, the growing demand for beans has stood out as an especially potent symbol of the anxious and uncertain times. At supermarkets, shoppers are stocking up on canned beans from familiar brands like Goya Foods, as well as thick bags of dry beans that usually lie largely untouched on store shelves.”

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