I have to disagree with some portions of this review for several reasons.

1. Beth losing more wouldn't make the story any interesting. Also, the story and her story arc isn't complete. We see this foreshadowing when she asks the young German boy she meets what will he do after accomplishing so much in the chess world at such a young age. And furthermore, the story is just about how she copes with winning as it is losing. She doesn't know how to form meaningful relationships with others (outside from her childhood friend and mother who passed) despite winning. We also see her confidence explode after winning streaks in a game dominated by men and her subsequently gaining more money and financial freedom. Her winning is a driving factor for her travels, games. and experiences and the spoils of her victory fuel her lifestyle which explains away how she can travel so frequently. She'll start losing more in later seasons provided the show is renewed (though it’s highly unlikely since it was based off of a novel).

2. Didn't you see all of the books she read? She's read more books than even Harry could give her. She's very adept at whatever she puts her mind too including learning a new language.

3. A fair point, but overall, it doesn't really have much of a bearing on the story, in my opinion.

4. I didn't know this was rude in the chess world, so I understand that pet-peeve. I chalked it up to her sort of taunting men who believed they could win simply because she was a woman.

5. It was set in the mid-50s where women were sort of expected to do this.

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