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The Blitz On The U.S. Capitol To Restore Trump’s Presidency Failed

It never would’ve worked. And the fact it happened wasn’t at all surprising, but it has left us with a few takeaways.

The Confederate Flag makes its way into the U.S. Capitol

Despite what Confederate sympathizers would want you to believe — the Confederacy was composed of men who firmly believed in keeping slavery as a part of their every day lives. Their southern pride was merely smoke & mirrors.

The U.S. owes Colin Kaepernick (and Black people) an apology

During the raid, one of the people referenced on social media was American football player Colin Kaepernick.

Tucker Carlson and right-wing media and personalities should just be ignored

“Imagine for a second getting the call and learning that was your daughter.”

This was an obvious eye-rolling moment, but again, this all hinges on predetermined choices his network makes. They know very well how the parents and supporters of Breonna Taylor feels.

Democracy won, but don’t forget about the people who were prepared to throw it out the window

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