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The HHS Freeze On Trump Insulin And Epinephrine Rule Isn’t Devious

The conservative-sphere of Twitter is crying foul of Joe Biden’s halt on Trump’s policies but it’s yet another conspiracy that’s based on false information.

Why the rule was implemented in the first place

The HHS, under Trump, argued that [community health] centers that didn’t pass on the savings to patients wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.

What the freeze actually means

The freeze wasn’t done for nefarious purposes as people have been suggesting on Twitter. And in fact, the article Blunt Force Truth links to is an article from Bloomberg Law which explains why the freeze was done.

A regulatory pause is a common tradition among incoming presidents to ensure that the unfinished policies from the prior administration align with the new one. In many cases, there are no substantial disagreements among the two administrations and the policies can continue on their normal path. But the pause gives incoming officials a chance to weed out the actions that go against the current president’s stance.

Biden could reinstate the rule and this time could be used as something of an audit to internally review which centers were committing to passing on the discounts and which one’s weren’t and if it benefits patients without issues as administrative costs added on to a company could just result in other measures to adjust for such a burden.

Allegations of $138,000 in direct funding from Eli Lily & Co.

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