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The Story of Albert Wilson

A Black male accused of raping a White woman faced a White judge and all White jury

Photo by: Sara Shepherd/Journal-World File Photo

Two similar cases with vastly different results

Brock Allen Turner’s booking photo

Facts about Turner’s case

Facts about Wilson’s case

Turner got off light

The father of Brock Turner’s letter to the courts

“20 minutes of action”

Wilson was handed a heavy sentence

A step-by-step account of what occurred that night

Wilson and Ruby entering the bar

Wilson and Ruby at the bar

“I never said yes, or that I wanted that,” she said. “I was really drunk. I just, kind of, was there.”

Wilson and Ruby leaving the bar

The call to his friend

The events at Wilson’s house

Wilson’s friend returns his call

Returning to the bar

The aftermath

“I told the police I didn’t remember because I didn’t want to say anything to incriminate myself at that time” — Albert Wilson during his testimony in court

Cultural norms need to change

Legal oversight

Time discrepancies

Reconciling racial discrimination and believing in women

Ambient Reads

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