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Ambient Reads
Ambient Reads
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In December 2019, the Louisville Metro Police Department formed a new unit called the Place-Based Investigations (PBI). The PBIs first task was to clean up Elliot Avenue which was reported to have a string of drug-related crimes. On January 2020, the PBI began investigating Adrian Walker and Jamarcus Glover. The…

It seems social media won’t be letting up with fake news any time soon.

Earlier today, the Conservative website, Blunt Force Truth released an expose which paints Biden as a pawn in the pockets of “Big Pharma”.

On Thursday, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) froze…

Photo by: Sara Shepherd/Journal-World File Photo

(Author’s Note: The alleged victim in Albert Wilson’s case is not publicly known at this time. She will be referred to by the alias “Ruby” throughout the article.)

Sometime during November 2016, then-Kansas University student Albert Wilson was taken from his home to a police station for an interview.


Former president Donald Trump was objectively bad for the country.

142 historians, professors, and other professional observers of the presidency created a new ranking for all former U.S. president’s in a 2021 C-Span survey to include Trump.

He ranked as the worst in “moral authority” and “administrative skills”. Overall, he…

After the pandemic kicked into high-gear, employers were facing tough decisions e.g. reducing staff or completely shutting down.

Fast-forward to 2021.

Vaccines and mask-mandates are getting us back to some semblance of normalcy. …

When The Predator (2018) was announced expectations weren’t very high.

There was some glimmer of hope, however, as the uncredited script doctor Shane Black, who stars as the radioman Rick Hawkins in the original film, was one of the writers recruited for the continuation/reboot of a franchise that’s had…

The South Shall Rise Again…

This time, though, it’ll be through legislation.

What a concept.

Unfortunately, this means passing laws at the state level, where a majority of Republican states face little opposition.

The policies are undeniably meant to target and suppress Black people and minorities and the LGBTQ+ community.

At a rally in Oshkosh, Wis. August 2020, Former President Donald Trump talked up the idea that the election is rigged if he lost to Joe Biden (a hypothetical situation he previously entertained and would so after the rally).

“We have to win the election. We can’t play games. Go…

I played most of the previous entries and absolutely loved Resident Evil 2 which introduces Resident Evil 4’s main protagonist and newest kid on the block Leon S. Kennedy.

The rookie police officer had to survive a zombie outbreak on his very first day on the job at the Raccoon…

Although “QAnon Shawmam” Jake Angeii was possibly the most talked about person, aside from Donald Trump, after the assault at the U.S. Capitol — Texas realtor and riot participant Jenna Ryan stood out from the crowd.

She attended the “Stop The Steal” rally headed by the former U.S. President…

Ambient Reads

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